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AIRED: 09-27-2022

Quotes of the day: “Though the colors may look false, they are technically the moon’s true hues only that our eyes are not sensitive enough to see them and so McCarthy gave the image a saturation boost to bring out the colors in all their glory.” and “Once you leave the safety of the VanAllen Radiation Belts there is no shielding currently available to protect biological material including crew members from the effects of cosmic radiation.” You may think that is a typo. It is not.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery was waiting for the images from the Artemis Moon Launch, yet, it didn’t happen. This brings up several questions which we all know the answers to. 1) How does a program with a price tag of $93B not ensure they seal the fuel lines? 2) Why are we sending an empty man capsule around the moon when we went multiple times back in the 60’s and 70’s? 3) Why isn’t anyone set foot on the moon since 1972? The answer to all these? Total B.S.!


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