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AIRED: 05-04-2021

You are POWERFUL! Did you know?? If you’re reading this, chances are you probably had a pretty good clue before you read that, but today we go through a bit of a refresher course. Growing back hair? Easy! (wait, no, not a hairy man back, eeewww!) How about reversing the very Laws of Nature? Entropy? Ppffftt! Zombie Snoop flips cloud-bursting on its head. Iron CLouds, Assemble!!

–Library lore. Josh leads us down the rows, Dewey tossed to the wind, letting the tomes tickle tenderly upon those tiny hairs searching for the next rabbit hole. Stop at the fountain for a cold drink of nectar.
–Haunted lunatic tunnel systems? Seems likely!!
–Serve and Protect? Sever and Project?? Only bullies with substandard reasoning skills need apply.
–Manlinda Kline.

Chat Chit–
Zombie Snoop:
​Walt and Zack, I’ve been practicing and working on not only cloud bursting but also seeing if I could make or “build” clouds as well and I’m getting good at it. I think we (IRM) should try something.

​I’d know cause I’m slow and I’m Asian 😉

​like a good scientist make other people your guinea pigs first.

Douglas Falk:
​my uncle studied astronomy and went on to tell me the other day how they determine the distances to the stars, it’s by how blue and “twinkly” they are


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