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AIRED: 09-10-2019

The show title today is inspired by a quote in chat from a long-time fan of Iron Realm Media, Daz! Thanx so much, Daz, we are truly glad you found our Truth Frequency Radio show as well, you are one of the original Iron Scouts! That compliment is certainly a lot to live up to, and some very high praise, indeed! I have always felt a special connection with Art, George, and all the rest of the team there at Coast To Coast.
–Magic is fun! Fool your friends! Be the life of the party…after you put in literally YEARS of practice! Prestidigitation (and its two synonyms legerdemain and sleight of hand) etymologically require that you put your hands through rigorous routines for hours daily, training and muscle-building, so that the various card and coin manipulations are fluid and flawless…or, as a time-saver, you COULD just implant some magnets and microchips under your skin. Voila! Now you too can be a robut!! For magic!! Ah, the warm glow of technology…
–Artemis to the Moon!!
–Balzac!! Drank coffee!! A LOT of coffee!!! 47 cups a day! He also quilled up quite a few novels and such…
–A mysterious astronomical force, one which was only recently confirmed, that could lead to a new understanding about two of the greatest cosmological mysteries! What a time to be alive!
–We had some issues with the TFR site, so we simu-cast to our Have No Sphere YT channel, link below:

Daz Gobzine:
​Will do, you all are the “closest to the art bell vibe out there”

website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=834CcxstTD4

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