Truth Frequency Radio
By Luckee

Oct 21, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed

When news of young Ahmed getting arrested for building a clock and bringing it to school, I immediately decried the police state and the abuse done to a minor. Members of congress are also investigating this.

We were wrong for several reasons:

That kid did not build a clock. He took an old Radio Shack clock in parts and stuck it in a metal case.

He plugged it in and set the timer to go off during English class, thereby drawing attention to it.

The damn thing actually looks like it could be part of a bomb.

I didn’t realize at the time, why the cops thought the problem would be Ahmed and his family. Well because Ahmed’s family has been instigating and race baiting the city of Irving, TX for quite some time, especially toward the Mayor (Elizabeth) Beth Van Duyne.

The images of him (a minor) in handcuffs being arrested was released to the general public at his sister’s insistence.

There was no assignment from the Engineering teacher.  This was not for extra credit and definitely not a homework assignment. So exactly WHY did he bring this to school?

Ahmeds Dad is in politics and is familiar with using the media to his own ends.

The town of Irving, TX had Muslims conducting extra-judicial law called Sharia Law.

Texas bans any foreign laws from superseding US and State Law and Muslims in Irving, TX did not like it that the city backed the TX law.

So because of all the media attention and POTUS who personally invited the boy to the White House Ahmed is a new celebrity.

Ahmed got a huge invite list for his publicity stunt.  He has since visited Google, (aren’t they also part of the spying program with the NSA and CIA?) but he also visited The President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, who is wanted by ICC on charges of genocide and war crimes.

On the world circuit (pardon the pun) tour he has visited Qatar and then to Saudi Arabia (dastardly human rights violators).

So now

Ahmed Mohamed will move to Qatar

I say buh bye! Take all that let’s-change-America-to-be-the-place-we-just-left with you!