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Jun 27, 2016

Written by June 25th 2016


Breitbart News reported that George Soros had served as “The Puppet Master” of the E.U. “remain” campaign by mobilizing British elites to spread fear that a vote to “leave” would cause the pound to be devalued by 15 to 20 percent and GDP per household to fall by $6,321. With the pre-election polls showing the “remain” leading and London bookies offering 13 to 1 odds against the “Brexit,” the shock and awe of the leave vote winning by 52 to 48 percent sent UK stock prices crashing down harder than the initial September 15, 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers hit US markets.

Long story short, Soros is now faced with a $2 billion loss following the risky gamble. And the trouble is, he is a major contributor to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. An unnamed source from the campaign told Breitbart News that “everybody was shocked by the results of the campaign, but that’s not all. Soon after, Hillary Clinton herself gathered us around in a room and broke the bad news. She said the entire presidential campaign was in jeopardy because of the fact that one of its main financiers had cancelled their support.”

Soros was decidedly pro-“remain,” because of the obvious effect the “leave” outcome would have on his fortune. However, Hillary Clinton didn’t seem to be worried about the risk at all. Days before the vote, she told ABC News that “the United Kingdom has always been a country that is a leader, that has conquered the world at one point in history and that, if anybody knows what they’re doing, it’s the Queen.” Apparently, little did Clinton realize that George Soros had pocketed a cool $1 billion in the early 90s by betting against the UK’s pound.

“I’m really worried about this whole situation,” the source, who requested anonymity, added. “Not because I’ll be out of a job, that’s the lesser concern. I’m worried because a lack of funding could mean that Hillary Clinton might withdraw from the presidential race and that would be devastating for America. When you look at the alternative, what are we supposed to do? As a citizen, my options are very limited. I’m certainly not going to vote for Donald Trump for obvious reasons. But, if the Democratic Party is left with Bernie Sanders, I might as well move to Canada or Mexico.”

The source also added, “Besides, we wouldn’t even be in this mess if it wasn’t for the fact that the Clinton campaign costs so darn much. I mean, we’re blowing almost half the budget on Hillary’s hairdresser’s appointments and a private, secure email server. It’s easy for Donald Trump, all the money he’s using is his own, so he doesn’t really have to worry. When it comes to the Democratic Party, I remember they told us at the very first meeting, they were like, ‘Okay guys, this is it. You’ve got our moral support, but that’s all you’re getting. We need to save money for Obama’s presidential send-off in November. The Trump-shaped custom piñata is going to be a b*tch to pay for.’ So, you kinda get why this is such a big deal.”