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AIRED: 12-14-2013

index1st Hour: Our guest for the first hour was journalist, author and film producer Bill Still. He’s a monetary reformist with films that focus on the U.S. monetary system, such as The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz, and also wrote the book No More National Debt, which focus on the need for reform. We also discuss the past, present and future of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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2nd-3rd Hour: One of the world’s leading entheopharmacologists and also a good friend Dennis McKenna joins the broadcast to talk about his latest work since publishing The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. Along with discussions involving dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”) and other psychedelics and entheogens for patients with depression and anxiety, we also spend a lot of time talking about MDMA (“ecstasy” or “X”), an empathogen that shows a lot of promise in the medical field, as well. He is also featured in the new documentary “Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines”


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