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Mar 22, 2021

Most often the bath is tiled with such a material as tile. In order to preserve its original shine and appearance, it’s important that you know how to properly care for tiles. Moreover, it is worth worrying not only around the shine, but also about the fact that the surface of the tile does not have minor mechanical damage. To try it, let us look at the most proper techniques to care for tiles in the bathroom.

  • Long battery life;
  • ease of maintenance ;
  • a high degree of durability;
  • various designs and colors.

To keep these qualities for a very long time, it is necessary to properly care for the tile. Otherwise, there’s a white stain on the tiles, that hides all the original brilliance, and also in the linking joints can seem really dangerous formation – dark mould. Keep away from such problems will help routine and proper upkeep of the coating.

Household chemicals

Specialized shops that sell various hygiene products and household chemicals have a lot of tile maintenance products in their variety. Cleaning powders have in their composition small abrasive particles which can damage the tile coating.

If the state of the tile has reached the point that a white scum has formed or rust has emerged, you can use a means for cleaning on the basis of chlorine. Another benefit of this indicates is the disinfecting effect.

In the case where there’s a desire to wash the tiles, however no particular way, and also a trip to the shop was not planned, you can use the preparation for cleanup windows. Such products include ammonia, which will be capable of returning the tiles into their breasts that are lost.