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AIRED: 05-06-2023

Since we just had an eclipse the timing couldn’t be better to have our favorite astrologer on, Claudia Thompson. We talked about calling this show The Eclipse & The Aftermath because this particular event was extremely energetic affecting most to a noticeable degree and promising more shake-ups to come for the rest of the month so make sure to listen to Claudias information in this particular episode. There is a ton of info here that totally correlates with what we are witnessing, not just in our own corner of the world but all over the planet as well, so carve out a little time to take it all in! There’s plenty to absorb, that’s for sure!

Claudia also did a reading for the two of us which got a bit more in depth with our characteristics and we have to tell you, she was spot on which further solidified our trust in the information she shares with us so check it out!

You can find out more about Claudia as well as book a chart reading for yourself by going to Facebook where you can find her under Claudia Thompson or Moon Powered Astrology. She also has a Youtube page: Claudia Thompson Moon Powered Astrologer and does a weekly show on Youtube on Spirituality Gone Wild.

We hope your week is full of wonder and beauty and we’ll catch up again this coming Saturday. Until then, remember that we love you! 🙂

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