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AIRED: 02-05-2022

The first time we saw Claudia Thompson, she was a guest on Spirituality Gone Wild with Debbie Garcia. We said to each other maybe we should ask her to be on our show. Then we spoke with her one on one and said we’re DEFINITELY going to have her on our show and we’re so glad we did! She’s not only very versed in astrology and its applications to life but her frequency is fantastic! You add a great sense of humor and you can’t go wrong!

Our chat started with Claudia giving us some of her story which was amazing in every aspect! At one time she was an Emmy Award winning make up artist and hair stylist in Hollywood but her life there was so hectic that she burned out, longing for more and a true meaning for her life!

We talked about how she found the Moon to be the key to the right timing for everything which led to her developing a system to rock these rhythms, how the Moon and Astrology relate to healthy living, why Soulmates are Moon Mates, using the different moon cycles for maximum benefit, why 2022 is such a unique year for all of us and so much more!

It was extremely informative and of course, a TON of fun! Trust us when we tell you that the 2 hours went by in a blink!

Claudia is currently working on getting a website set up but until then you can find her on Facebook at Moon Powered Astrology. She is also available for private sessions, in depth longer personal programs, speaking, playshops, seminars and retreats so make sure to check her out there!

Until next Saturday, we hope your week is filled with love and joy! Don’t forget that WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

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