Truth Frequency Radio
May 18, 2015

By Heather Callaghan

Why is there such a concerted and simultaneous effort across the states to keep you from practicing healthy self reliance while not disturbing anyone?

The Agenda 21 lovin’ code enforcers are at it again, stoking situations and aggression where there were none – and that is what is most disturbing to peace.

A Visalia, California family was initially threatened $1,000 in fines per day for having two miniature dairy goats in their ample-spaced, fenced back yard. A mom decided to have them because she physically cannot breastfeed, and Visalia in the San Joaquin Valley prides itself on being “green” and tolerant of natural lifestyles. Apparently the city wants her to choose between GMO soy formula, paying fines in punishment OR paying over $3,500 for their having to rewrite the code. In the meantime – how does she get her Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats back?

Sorry, city – you “want” the code, you write it – the way it was before. No one asked you to complicate it. Why do your residents bother paying you at all?

The city does not want her to have them – why is it petitioning her to do their job and foisting the cost on her when the residents already pay these costs? If the goats are such a burden, how does paying thousands undo that, and thereby allow it to magically be a “right again”? Think about it – if fears of “smelliness” are a problem (completely unfounded) – how does paying money fix that? It only grants a temporary “privilege” until another issue is unearthed or another resident is targeted.

By dangling her property and food source with unreasonable demands, this is an obvious power play that has nothing to do with safety, peace or even social sameness. It’s about crippling dependence and punishment.

Owner Gingi Freeman told us:

I am currently fighting my city to return my two miniature dairy goats that provide milk for my babies since I cannot produce breast milk – my breast milk was removed as a teen from a birth deformity – and I use the milk to make organic baby formula.

The city initially threatened to fine me $1000 a day that I had the goats. Now they are willing to change the municipal code to allow my small goats that break no noise, health or trespass ordinances, but only if I foot the bill for rewriting the zoning code, which is $3598.

Andrew Mastricola of Food Freedom USA has also written more about Gingi’s efforts to allow Food Producing Animals in residential areas. See and support Gingi at the city council meeting on June 1st. Additionally, Gingi has answered all arguments that people frequently use to rationalize bad behavior from overreaching local government agents (because armchair critics don’t want to make efforts to stop being drowned in codes). These bureaucratic actions are unreasonable, forceful and senseless.

Are you “Pro-Goat” and wish to follow this story? You can learn more at where Freeman is keeping all the information together for those interested. Their action steps are here:

Her GoFundMe accepts donations to take actions that allow miniature goats in the city and to help her get her milking goats back: Follow on Twitter.