Truth Frequency Radio

Jun 03, 2013

Chris Geo

In what can only be described as the most epic act of stupidity recorded in man-kinds history, Chumlee of Pawn Starts managed to overdose on marijuana. It’s a fact that you would have to consume about 250 pounds of top shelf cannabis to die but where there is a will there is a way.

The TV “pawn star” set up 90 vaporizers to one tube and had fans lighting the bowls while he took hits. The cannabis didn’t actually kill him but rather the fact that his lungs filled up with soot. Still, that sets the movement back at least 50 years because now the anti-marijuana activists have the first recorded marijuana death to point their fingers at.

In 2013 the use of cannabis is threatening big pharma and many other corporations who have lobbied for prohibition for higher profits. 14 states have legalized it for medicinal use and the State of Colorado and the State of Washington have legalized it for recreational use. More and more people are turning to the plant instead of chemical substances to replace everything from prozac, vicodin to alcohol.

Way to go Chump-lee. Way to go.

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Chris Geo, along with his wife, Sheree founded Truth Frequency Radio with the purpose of compiling an archive of information which can be used for generations to come. Not your typical radio show, Truth Frequency focuses more on the history of the occult and the deeper underlying conspiracy behind current events in an effort to predict the future by understanding the past. He is not only a researcher into the occult and esoteric, but has also produced the musical album Global Resistance which is a mixture of rock, techno and hip hop with conscious lyrics exposing the New World Order.