Truth Frequency Radio

May 24, 2013

By Chris Geo

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett has been one of a handful of witnesses we’ve heard from regarding the Woodwich beheading. According to Ingrid Loyah-Kennett she entered the scene and found a woman laying down with the victim (presumably giving him CPR or checking the pulse of the beheaded man, depending on which story you believe). The body was already dragged from the tree where the victim was “gruesomely hacked” so the trail of blood was already there. She then goes on to state that she confronted one of the killers and an epic photo has been circulating about her bravery.

Once again the scene has absolutely no blood! according to the aerial shots of the crime scene the blood should be on the first tile in front of the pole. However as you can clearly see there is no blood. Furthermore, there is no body in the street, which is bizarre in itself.

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