Chatroom Etiquette

Chatroom Etiquette


Thank you for taking the time to read this. We understand this doesn’t apply or even needs to be said to about 90% of our listeners. However, for those that need it:

TFR Live is a station with many different viewpoints and personalities. Sometimes, we don’t all agree with one another. However, this is what makes TFR unique.

The chatroom is a station-wide chat and we encourage everyone to share their opinions. We also do not implement rules on foul language or “offensive” content. Therefore, we ask that you moderate your own experience if you are easily offended.

IGNORING: If someone is offending you, you can add them to your ignore list by using the following command: “/ignore username” (Remove the quotes and replace username with the user’s name).

You can also change the look of the chatroom. For a full list of options click the button on the bottom left (see image here).

MUTING – If one of the moderators deems a person is spamming or harassing another chatter, host, or guest, they may mute you. You will be automatically unmuted after 1 hour.

BANNING – We do not ban anyone but under very unique circumstances. Please do not hound the moderators about anyone you don’t like. Use the ignore feature. However, we reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason.

PRIVATE MESSAGES –  In order to maintain a pleasant environment we have restricted private messages to upgraded users. Everyone is upgraded after being an active member of the chat room for a set period of time.

FREE SPEECH – The first amendment says that “Congress shall pass no law abridging free speech”. We are not congress and we do not pass laws, nor are we a government agency. We are welcoming you into our house. Be respectful to the other guests and everything will be great. But if someone is causing problems at the party, we will ask them to leave, just like any other party.