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AIRED: 11-04-2017

Beneath the Full Moon tonights show was about Chaos Magick , how dark sorcerers can summon ancient magick to give themselves powers and by doing so cause chaos and destruction on our physical plane. In the first half hour Ra discusses this and shares one of his recent dreams and how he feels certain aromas of the past, certain vibrations from a specific time and place can actually allow someone to time travel to that specific place and time in history. Especially if that moment is within someones genetic memory, if there brain and heart is able to lock in on the exact vibration and coordinates of that time than they could instantly travel to that moment. In the second half of the show Ra brings on tonight’s guest Tim Swartz. Tim is an author, researcher, and one of the nicest guys out there. They discuss how blood rituals and sacrifice can pull entities into this world from other dimensions and that they may be coming from other timelines. Archons, werewolves, and sum of Tim’s own paranormal experiences are discussed in another amazing edition inside the Eye of Ra. Also Tim tells his personal experience with rocks teleporting from the ceiling inside a haunted house he once investigated. Tim also hosts his own show along with Tim Beckley called Exploring the Bizarre on KCOR radio. You don’t wanna miss tonight’s show …..spiral out


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