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AIRED: 01-03-2023

Quote of the day goes exactly like this, it’s a movie quote: “It’s better to be on the inside, maybe be able to change something, than be on the outside and not be able to change anything.” Who said that? Maybe the chat room will figure that out.
Meanwhile The Peanut Gallery is thinking of all the taxpayer’s wasted money this year: NASA, aid to Ukraine, shrimp farming in Arizona, but nothing compares to the government funding almost $120,000 to research if Thanos could actually snap his fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet on. Is that real? I’m gonna have to eh, get clarification on that. I don’t know if that’s a real study. It might be. And by the way Peanut actually said the Feds funded a study proving Thanos couldn’t snap his fingers while wearing the Gauntlet. WOW! Thank you Peanut. Seriously that, that kept me up at night. No I actually never thought about it though ’til just now.


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