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AIRED: 10-18-2017

Tonight I let the Chad Factor (Chad & Kevin) do their thing for the first hour, being two gentlemen who were recently censored from the airwaves,
then from there, I take caller requests all night. You don’t want to miss the conversations that were had about how we’re going to fix this world and get free, we are truth seeker!


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In this week’s episode we cover the many rituals pertaining to Black History Month that have already transpired this month, surrounding the number 42, including the “Virginia incidents”, James Brown, LeBron James, Jussie Smollett, Corey Maggette, Kareem Hunt and more. In addition to that, we have open mic night and take many brilliant phone calls...

AIRED: 02-13-2019

In this episode we cover the fact that the 400-year anniversary of slaves arriving in Virginia will occur August 2019, the period of time that is well known due to Acts 7:6. We also connect this historical marker to the news out of Virginia, involving the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Lt Governor, and...

AIRED: 02-06-2019

(In this week’s episode we talk about the U.S. Government’s policy of Israel first and the anti-BDS legislation which the Senate has prioritized as the top issue for America to start 2019. Of course it is no coincidence that the vote for the legislation was pushed forward on January 28, with 74 in favor votes....

AIRED: 01-30-2019

In this week’s episode we continue with the discussion we had last Wednesday. Since those of us who are awake know we’re living under tyranny, how do we get free? And does getting free involve violence, or not? In addition to that key discussion, we take on the latest propaganda based news, the government shutdown,...

AIRED: 01-23-2019

The show opens with a quick breakdown of recent news, including the Brexit meltdown, and the alleged ISIS attack. From there, we open it up to the callers and discuss the topic of the evening – can we solve our problems as a society and free ourselves from the tyranny we’re living under by using...

AIRED: 01-16-2019

This week we open up with Trump’s border wall speech of January 8, 2019, and why it ended at 9:11 PM EST, in light of him being announced as the 45th President elect, 9/11, November 9, 2016, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. From there we take a number of fascinating calls,...

AIRED: 01-09-2019