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AIRED: 10-18-2017

Tonight I let the Chad Factor (Chad & Kevin) do their thing for the first hour, being two gentlemen who were recently censored from the airwaves,
then from there, I take caller requests all night. You don’t want to miss the conversations that were had about how we’re going to fix this world and get free, we are truth seeker!


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Trump, the crypto Jew’s impeachment, is centered around Ukraine, the home of the Hasidic Jews. On the same day as Articles of Impeachment, delivered by a Jew, Nadler, the media reports a shooting at a Hasidic Jew market in New Jersey (with a 47-year-old shooter no less) — a total hoax. Then hours later, it...

AIRED: 12-11-2019

From Kamala Harris’s exit, to the Pearl Harbor shooting hoax, to the impeachment inquiry soap opera, we expose it, plus we take many great calls. Other exciting news includes the launch of, a site you might want to join! ...

AIRED: 12-04-2019

Northern Lights in the lower 48, November 20, 2019? This strange phenomenon, along with the Trump impeachment, and several other current events are discussed in this week’s caller driven program. Be sure to tune in and listen long. ...

AIRED: 11-20-2019

We begin this week’s episode by discussing the Trump impeachment inquiry hearings and the numerical ritual behind the political theater that it is. In addition, as always, we take a number of great calls on a range of topics. ...

AIRED: 11-13-2019

It’s a themeless episode, but another great one regardless, where we bounce from caller to caller, discussing current events, history, sacred geometry, hallucinogenic drugs, and everything in between. ...

AIRED: 11-06-2019

In this episode we mix in current events, while covering Game 7 of the 115th World Series live, a game between the Astros and Nationals, a matchup we predicted in before the start of the postseason, with the correct outcome as well, Nationals over Astros. What you’ll learn, is how the series paid tribute to...

AIRED: 10-30-2019