AIRED: 10-08-2017

Great guest, Dr. Jack Rasmus discusses his new book, “Central Bankers at the End of Their Rope” about the bankster addiction to free money, which is accelerating income inequality, financial bubbles and instability. Rasmus does a great job explaining why none of that money is reaching the Middle Class. Looking at tax reform, NAFTA and free trade policy, Rasmus shows why economic stimulus does not create jobs in the U.S economy, projecting unemployment at 17-20 MILLION, a real unemployment rate of 12 -14 %, and 95% of all income growth only reaching the top 1 %. Eventually it’s got to crash. Rasmus predicts that won’t happen until 2019. But when it does the economic Depression will be worse than anything we saw in 2008.

website: www.jackrasmus.com

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