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Aug 16, 2014


(Photo: WKYC-TV)

A.J. Ross, WKYC

CLEVELAND — Take the letters R-A-K-E. Together, they stand for “Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere.”

It is a national pay-it-forward social media campaign that got its start right here in Northeast Ohio.

This week marks RAKE’s one year anniversary.

This all started with one guy from Cleveland just wanting to help people, and quickly turned into a nationwide movement with the help of social media.

RAKE encourages everyday people like you and me to just do something nice for a perfect stranger. A small, simple act kindness that could be paid forward by the next person, making the ripple effects of this movement endless.

Ricky Smith isn’t a multi-millionaire or a common household name. And that’s the way he likes it.

“That’s the whole thing really behind RAKE,” explained Smith. “You don’t have to be famous you don’t have to be a celebrity just do something and you don’t know who you’re inspiring who you’re motivating.”

Although he does well enough as a TV writer and comedian, he is most proud of his work with RAKE.

WKYC tagged along with Ricky as he bought ice cream for strangers while celebrating RAKE’s one year anniversary.

From giving pizzas to the homeless to filling book bags for kids, the RAKE pay-it-forward movement has taken off nationwide on social media and inspired many people to make RAKE a part of their daily lives.

As another part of RAKE’s one-year anniversary, Ricky and others will be passing out 365 cupcakes Saturday with the help of Baker Boulevard in Akron.

You can follow Ricky Smith and the RAKE movement on his Facebook page.

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