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Nov 09, 2013

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A CBS News programme has apologised for airing a report in October that gave false information about the September 2012 attack on a US diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

A security contractor told 60 Minutes he had been present during the attack, but later gave a conflicting statement to investigators with the FBI.

Reporter Lara Logan said it was a “mistake” to put the contractor on air.

Four Americans died in the attack, including a US ambassador.

Ms Logan, a reporter for 60 Minutes, a storied current affairs programme, said on Friday a source had provided false information during a report aired on 27 October.

The security official, identified as Dylan Davies, said he had been at the US compound during the 11 September 2012 attack.

Mr Davies reported he had witnessed the attack, fought off an assailant, and later viewed the body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

But other news outlets subsequently revealed Mr Davies had told FBI investigators and his employers he was not at the Benghazi compound the night of the attack.

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