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AIRED: 05-08-2021

We thought it would be a great time to get caught up with our brother Todd Medina of Soulogy One Studios and see how he had been faring lately. We touched on so many different topics it would be hard to describe it all but suffice to say that it was quite informative, heartfelt and a LOT of fun touching base with him again so check it out! It’s go time and Todd is ready to rock and roll! As always with Todd, it’s raw and very real!!

We also wanted to find out about an event he has helped to coordinate coming at the end of the month of May called Soulogy Fest 2021. It’s a 3-day conference event in Sedona, Arizona, May 28-30, 2021. Join Todd Medina and friends for an immersive experience with numerous presentations, live music, inspiring activities and conscious community. Enjoy the powerful red rock vortex energy and raise your vibration with activations and soulful interactions. You can still get tickets for this simply by going to It’s going to be powerful and quite memorable so make sure to get your tickets now while there are still some available!

Thank you for sharing your space with us yet again! We honor that and you!! So, until next Saturday, stay centered and remember that we love you! ūüôā


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