AIRED: 12-03-2017

In October, a horrified world watched in shock when Spain’s military attacked voter precincts in Catalonia, stealing ballot boxes, firing rubber bullets on peaceful Catalonians lined up to vote for Independence from Madrid, and dragging voters out of the precincts in handcuffs. Those are scenes David Raventos has come to expect as one of the leading activists for Catalonia’s Independence Movement. “First history appears as tragedy. Then it appears as comedy.” David says. His own struggle included a hunger strike resulting in a Judge’s order for forced-feeding. In this interview we talk about the history of Catalonia’s quest for Independence, which launched the bloody Spanish Civil War against the Fascists in the 1930s, memorialized by Hemingway and Hollywood’s movies like Guernica. Most importantly David exposes how Spain’s intelligence apparatchik has infiltrated the Independence Movement with puppets and moles to subvert the cause. But betrayal after betrayal has not weakened the cause. David swears Independence shall be inevitable. There was some effort to cut transmission of David’s interview in the bottom of the first hour, but we persevered, as activists and free thinkers must. Catalonia is expected to be a hot zone for Europe for several years to come. As David says, “they would have us believe we suffered a peaceful war– and a violent election. That will not stop us.”

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