AIRED: 02-28-2021

Catalan’s Independence Movement surged to victory in the polls for the second time in 4 years, throwing off the monarchy of Spain. You’d think Anti-Royalists would be ecstatic. Yet in a striking twist, ANTIFA have rioted in the streets of Barcelona for the past 14 days, burning cars and stores, smashing windows, and stealing everything they can drag away. They’re demanding Marxist Revolution, in place of independence. And who is behind this violence? George Soros. Our guest today, David Raventos spotlights striking parallels to attacks on President Trump’s America First Movement. Corruption in mail-ballots. Election rigging & vote counting without oversight. Censorship on youtube, facebook and twitter. Threats to arrest Independence leaders. For all of that, Catalan’s Independence carried the majority for Parliament, expanding the number of seats it controls. Raventos’ message to Americans is emphatic. “Fight while you’ve got a voice, because it gets harder” as Fascists crush you down. For those who don’t know, Spain’s Franco was the third head of the original Fascist triumverate along with Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany. The success of Catalan’s Independence Referendums proves once again that Populist nationalism & independence are growing stronger every day. We’re going to follow this issue to watch how the power elite try to subvert actual freedom.

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