Jul 09, 2013



The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

This is the ridiculous scenario in which we find ourselves: The Syrian “rebels” (aka, al-Qaeda), who we have already been assisting for the past two years in overthrowing the Assad regime, are threatening to commit worse atrocities than the ones they’ve already committed unless we impose “a no-fly zone” and give them “heavy weapons”.

In an extraordinary interview with the BBC, the heart-eater himself, Abu Sakkar, was quoted as saying:

“If we don’t get help, a no-fly zone, heavy weapons, we will do worse [than I did]. You’ve seen nothing yet.”

The BBC seems to be sympathetic to the “Syrian rebels”, and is blatantly spewing propaganda that makes it seem almost necessary for these terrorists to commit such heinous acts.

He goes on to talk about the man whose flesh he held in his hands: “This guy had videos on his mobile. It showed him raping a mother and her two daughters. He stripped them while they begged him to stop in the name of God. Finally he slaughtered them with a knife… What would you have done?”

Where are these “mobile phone videos” he’s talking about? You would think that right now, the U.S. and NATO allies would be jumping at any chance of finding “proof” of these atrocities.

The rebels in Libya were bad enough – Rape, beheadings, and executions of men, women, and children were more than common. However, this is a terror cell who is openly practicing cannibalism AND threatening to do WORSE if we don’t give them more power. No matter who you are or how you feel about Bashar Al-Assad, there is absolutely no excuse for our armament and assistance to these terrorists in the first place, and especially when they are bragging about committing such atrocities and demanding more military power…”or else…”