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Jul 17, 2014

'Cannibal' nurse had image of girl on a serving platter, court told

Dale Bolinger, 57, said he started having fantasies about cannibalism at the age of six (Picture: PA)

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A male nurse accused of plotting to eat a 14-year-old had downloaded a photo of a young girl on a serving plate with an apple in her mouth, a court heard.

The mocked-up image was one of eight found on Dale Bolinger’s computer – also including a picture of a child cooking in an oven.

The father-of-four admitted keeping the images and also confessed to police that he had fantasised about cannibalism from the age of six, his trial was told yesterday.

But he insisted that the claims that he made on a fetish website – including that he had killed and eaten a woman and child – were untrue.

His barrister Paul Jarvis asked: ‘Have you killed anyone? Have you eaten anyone? Have you raped anyone? Have you sexually assaulted anyone?’

Bolinger replied ‘no’ to each question. When asked if he had ever intended to kill or eat anyone, he said: ‘No, not in reality. Just in fantasy.’

The 57-year-old, from Canterbury, Kent, blamed his ‘domineering’ mother for the perversion he acknowledged was ‘weird’.

He told police he never discussed his fantasies with Rosemary, his wife of 34 years, or his son Rick. ‘It was less to do with sexual gratification and more to do with anger,’ he said.

Bolinger – who denies a charge of grooming – is accused of making arrangements online to have sex with a person he exchanged messages with on the Dark Fetish Network.

His correspondent, who claimed she was a 14-year-old Mexican living in Germany, told him she wanted to be chopped up and devoured.

But ‘Eva’ failed to show up when he bought an axe and went to meet her at Ashford International train station.

Despite keeping their appointment, Bolinger had come to suspect that Eva was a man in his 30s, ‘sitting surrounded by pizza boxes’, Canterbury crown court heard.

The trial continues.