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AIRED: 05-05-2013


1st Hour: Brooks Agnew joins the broadcast to share his skepticism regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing’s official story. We also cover the demonization of “conspiracy theorists” and the real story behind Benghazigate. Great first hour!




2nd-3rd hour: Peter Gorman joins us a few weeks late for “4/20” but hey, better late than never, right? We talked about the state of America’s “health care” system and how medical marijuana changes people’s lives who would otherwise be dead or dying in agony and a state of stupor. We also cover his history as a journalist and editor for High Times magazine. In the last hour, we get deeper into the true meaning of the ayahuasca experience, the fact that these beings represent the spirit of that particular plant, and the interaction between you and that spirit is what’s important.


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