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By Luckee

Aug 25, 2015

Montana Jones and a Shropshire sheep

Montana Jones and a Shropshire sheep

In 2007 a rare heritage Shropshire breed of  sheep was sold from a herd in Canada.  In 2010 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issued quarantine orders on the herd from which that lone sheep came. Sometime in those 3 years that lone sheep 3500 kilometers (2170 miles) away had reportedly died of scrapie (mad cow disease for sheep and goats).  Because of the highly infectious nature, lengthy incubation period (up to decades), and difficulty in detection in the living animal, the CFIA quarantined the sheep for testing.  Or so they say.   ‘Testing’ meant killing the animal and testing the brain tissue for the spongiform. Had those bureaucrats stayed current on studies, they would have known that the nictitating membrane (3rd eyelid) could have been tested on the living animal. And that blood tests, it was also discovered that year, could also be tested for the fatal proteins. In my rudimentary search on this topic, I found that soil samples of the farm could also have been taken and tested for the presence of the prions.

The fact that there were tests done on her sheep and all the results showed negative meant nothing to the Canadian Government.  They gave a death sentence to the sheep and that is that.  The fact that this caused a financial burden to the owners meant nothing to the Canadian Government.  This roughshod abuse of power must stop.

There was no need to slaughter a whole herd of sheep to discover the infection.  When the CFIA did find and kill the whole herd, none were found to have the disease,  as the owners maintained throughout the ordeal.  No matter, the Canadian government will have its will obeyed, regardless. The act of hiding the sheep from indiscriminate slaughter gave the government the impetus to wrest liberty and freedom from a shepherdess,  fine her and her husband (an advocate of raw milk farming), prohibit legal representation, and generally prolong the hell on earth the government has meted out on them since 5 years ago.  All of this based on a dead sheep over two thousand miles away they had no control over for 8 years.

Oh and on top of all that, ISSUED A GAG ORDER. The couple is not allowed to go to the media. Their freedom of speech is gone with a stroke of the pen. There is a media ban.  A media ban! Canada has no authority over me.  Does Canada have authority over everyone? No.  So I will type and speak as I see fit.

It is my OPINION that the target of the government was not the sheep, or any supposed disease thereof, but instead was the husband who is a Raw Milk advocate.  And just like the persecution of Raw Milk advocates everywhere, the government will use anything to destroy the business and quash any discussion on the benefits of raw milk. But regardless, by attacking Montana Jones and her sheep, the government has tried to prove that no people have rights.

Please see the following sites.  You can help in different ways.  At the least, you can spread the word, and hopefully some of the mainstream media will regain their former courage and publicize and criticize this travesty of justice.