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By Luckee

Jun 05, 2015



In the Haiti catastrophe, we saw on TV the horror of a country quite leveled. Most of us recall that many people tried to send blankets, water, clothing, building  supplies, and etc. but were discouraged to do so.  When folks tried anyway, they were forcibly turned away.

Bush, Obama, and both Clintons used government resources to raise money that only lined the coffers of their cronies.  The millions of dollars raised cannot be accounted for today.  The aid private U.S. citizens and foreigners tried to provide were turned away by UN and US military forces.

It appears there may be RICO violations vis a vis Gil Dozier (compelling companies doing business with his department to make campaign contributions on his behalf) and the Hobbs Act (Extortion under color of official right (a public official agreed to take some official action in exchange for payment as opportunities arose to do so ))

Obama, Clinton and Bush uses WhiteHouse to raise funds

Clinton Foundation: 2010 donation broke Obama administration agreement

George Bush: Just send cash


Why was Haiti such a great target to exploit?

Haiti’s Oil, Gold & Iridium Resources Explains the Post Earthquake Occupation/Invasion

Haiti could have larger oil reserves than Venezuela

Minerals Yearbook Area Reports: International 2009 Latin America and Canada Volume III
Mineral Industries of the D.R. and Haiti
pg. 10.1, 10.2, and 10.6


Who gets to reap the benefits of being in the mineral rich country?  The Haitians?  Nope.

In 2012 The Guardian reported how big business was given control

Haiti’s rush for gold gives mining firms a free rein over the riches 2012

VCS awarded gold permits

Hillary’s Brother gains seat on the Board of VCS a year after VCS were awarded permits. Just a coincidence? Maybe.

Regardless, the Clinton involvement remains ‘speculative’, pardon the pun.

Haitians locked in.  Imagine yourself in this situation. Your house, family, and land has been heaved up and destroyed.  There is no food and water for you. If your children have survived, how can you care for them and keep them from exposure?  Suddenly an armed force shows up and prohibits outsiders from assisting.  Those who experienced this solicitous attention in post Hurricane Katrina disaster don’t need imagination, they know.

The US Military that blockaded Haiti and prohibited actual help getting through DID NOT DO SO OF THEIR OWN VOLITION.  THEY WERE ORDERED TO DO IT. The UN Forces on the ground in Haiti did not take personal boats and aircraft to get there in order to limit relief, they were ordered and shipped there.

Remember that Bill Clinton was UN Special Envoy for Haiti and Hillary Clinton was US Secretary of State.

The siege of Haiti January 22, 2010

THE RING of mighty warships off the coast of Port-au-Prince is a stark symbol of the true intentions of the U.S. government in its “humanitarian” mission following Haiti’s devastating earthquake

Blocking Doctors? Let the Aid to Haiti Go Through January 20, 2010

US Miltary Turning Away Aid Flights To Haiti 2010

MSF struggles to deliver medical supplies to Haiti Saturday, January 23, 2010

More scandalous crap about Clintons’ philanthropy.

Even though we all can see the evidence, will anything be done?

The Haiti disaster, we now know, was a classic case of “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” It seems those in power listened well to Rahm.

Regarding the excuses the government gave when asserting there was too much damage to allow aid in, I find there could not be words better expressed than this:

The U.S. and UN claimed that damage to Haiti’s airport, port and roads impeded delivery of doctors, nurses, food, water and rescue teams. But the U.S. always seems to find ways around such obstacles when it comes to invading countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly the means exist to deliver aid quickly to a country an hour away from Florida.
Ashley Smith January 19, 2010