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AIRED: 07-09-2021

Wow. Hold on. That all I can say!!

–Salt of the Plane!
–Space Bran!
–Soil toil!!

Chat Chit–


Alan Holman:
​My middle name starts with “S” so my initials are ASH. Everything, even me, can turn to ash.

iSpy NASA lies:
​Speaking of rain water … the town came and scolded us for catching rain in a couple buckets. We were just trying to stop an area from flooding while we did work for a couple days … wtf

Kallum Wilkinson:
​mix magnesium salt with 50% water and you have a topical spray… quickest way for getting the magnesium in through the skin… and is already with the sodium for the cell exchange…
no el through pure water… crystal allows el to flow… so put salt in water and now el will flow…
​your body is made up of cells making tubes… tubes need to flow… a plumber knows more about the body than a doctor does… and they don’t even know it…

Enlightened Dawn:
​Try some magic mushrooms!!! 🍄
​You won’t be sorry! 🥰

website: www.space.com/virgin-galactic-richard-branson-s

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