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Jul 07, 2015

Posted on June 21, 2015 by Kev Baker on

Every so often there is a story that comes along that serves as evidence for what we in the alternative media claim all the time. This time, its a story of security services and police actively recruiting and radicalising people, only to deem them terrorists when they go onto carry out the orders given to them by the very same police and spook handlers. The following story shows exactly what goes on behind the scenes and away from the glossy main stream narrative.


The three Bradford sisters feared to have joined the ranks of the Islamic State in Syria may have been groomed and radicalised by British security services and terror place, according to allegations made by two of the husbands.

The story of Khadija, 30, Zohra, 33, and Sugra Dawood, 34, has been at the forefront in the british media over the last week and has even recieved global coverage after they fled with their 9 children, aged between 3-15, to join Islamic State fighters in Syria.

However, in a letter written by two of the husbands of the sisters, they accuse the British terror police of grooming and radicalising the women. They have made the claims in letters sent to Home & Foreigh secretaries aswell as the head of the Commons Affairs Commitee Kieth Vaz.

The letter said:   click here to find out.