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By Luckee

Oct 27, 2015

By Luckee1


Djukanovic RTCG


In Podgorica there have been many protests almost every day since the middle of last month. This was instigated by the Prime Minister by passing the peoples will to request membership to NATO. The people have made it clear they don’t want NATO membership. Djukanovic continues to do anything he wants without regard to peoples’ will. This was only the most recent event that catalyzed the Parliament and the people. The following video shows how the demonstrations evolved.

That video is from the 18 of October.  It doesn’t even cover half of the brutality unleashed in the last few days. Not only are protesters getting hospitalized, but also people who are not in the protests at all. In the following video you will see a man who was not at the protests, who was driving his car, get beaten by no less than 20 Cops. The fact that all 20 couldn’t get to him, didn’t stop the melee, they started beating on his car.  you can hear Martinovic screaming as he is beaten.

This beating was terrible.


As Southfront reports:


Main stream media are silent when pro-Western government uses force against demonstrators


Originally appeared at IN4S, translated by Nenad Jovanović exclusively for SouthFront

Longstanding prime minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic expressed his regrets that police didn’t use more force toward demonstrators (protesters) last night.

He stated that police “implemented usage of very weak force”.

“So, police used chemical measures only for clearing situation in front of the attacked parliament” Djukanovic stated for Croatian TV.


He repeated that he have no intentions to resign.

“So, it was an violent attempt of overthrowing of the ruling power, for sake of change of the state policy and then, of course, it have to come to police response to it, which was, by my judgment, in line with the constitution and law, and with what (or which) police competences are envisaged for dealing with such situations (or in those situations).” stated Djukanovic.


The PM expressed regrets for NOT USING MORE FORCE.  So the military has been put on high alert:

Because the police are obviously not enough!

The Mainstream Media is sitting on this story. The only Major News Network who has had coverage is Sputnik. All others, even is covering it as if this is just the opposition parties being the instigators. That is not true.

The people have been pulled from their cars, pulled out of coffee shops and beaten and or arrested by these Police. The evidence proves otherwise.  The police dropped off skimasked men to instigate the violence. We have video. The violence is created by thugs on the order of the leading thug.

So here is evidence. Please get the word out to everyone.  The US Embassy has said NOTHING ABOUT IT!  They normally issue a warning to Americans traveling in the country.  There is nothing on the Embassy web page or on their twitter.

Please spread this information.  I don’t care if someone steals this article and prints it in their own name! I just want the people of the world to see what is going on in Poldgorica, and know that this is not one of those manufactured uprisings (like Arab Spring by Soros).  These protests were also going on in other towns of Montenegro, but the violence was done to the largest and most noteworthy event in Podgorica.