Truth Frequency Radio
Chris Geo
Jul 17, 2013

2008_169_2008-06-17T234001Z_01_SAN546_RTRIDSP_0_MARRIAGE-GAY(London) – In what can be described as the biggest non-issue we face today, Britain becomes one of the first countries to legalize gay marriage in civil and religious ceremonies. The bill which passed through Parliament finally received the Queens seal of approval (no pun intended) making it legal to marry in England and Wales. In a similar situation that happened when Colorado passed Amendment 64 legalizing recreational use of Cannabis, the British people have developed huge painful boils on their bodies, the seas have turned to blood, chaos in the streets, pets are being raped, frogs are falling from the sky and eternal darkness has overcome the nation. Not really, of course.

We at Truth Frequency Radio have taken the stand for gay marriage because quite frankly we don’t really care what two people do in their bedrooms. What the anti-gay marriage groups  are unknowingly supporting is government regulation in the most sacred place in an individuals life, the bedroom. It’s odd how the same people who are against gun control, government checkpoints and NSA surveillance can also be for government dictating what people can and can’t do in their bedrooms. I think it’s time we really see things for what they are instead of standing up against government interference in public but allow government into our private lives.

Marriage has always been an evolving concept from the first recorded marriage approximately 4,350 years ago. In biblical times a woman became a mans property through marriage and the bible tells us that we (as men) have a right to sell, stone and kill our wife for a variety of reasons. The bible tells us how we may sell our daughters into slavery, how much to charge and how much a man has to pay us if he rapes a piece of our property. It’s the very same book that anti-gay marriage advocates thump when they rally against gay marriage.

Marriage in itself was not about a spiritual union but rather the culmination and consolidation of wealth, property and power. Most marriages were arranged and love only came into the picture around the 13th century when Richard de Fournival penned “Advice on Love”.

It can be argued that the idea of “divine union” originated in the eighth century when the Catholic Church decided that marriage was to be a “sacrament” to the church and forbade men from divorcing their wives. Later in the 15th century marriage was written into religious law. In today’s world marriage has become nothing more than a contract between two people with terms and conditions in the event either of the two decide to separate but the transfer of ownership shifted from the woman becoming the mans property, to both becoming property of the State.

Let’s break down the definitions of keywords used in marriage. When a couple wants to marry, they must apply for a marriage license, register their marriage and then they get a marriage certificate.

The term “apply” is defined as “To make a formal request or petition, usually in writing, to a court, officer, board, or company, for the granting of some favor, or of some rule or order, which is within his or their power or discretion.”

The term “register” is defined as “rights which a king has by virtue of his prerogative

The term “license” “In  Constitutional Law, and in the Law of Contracts, A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort. A permit or privilege to to what otherwise would be unlawful. A permit, granted by the sovereign, generally for a consideration

The term “certificate” is defined as “A written assurance, or official representation, that some act has or has not been done, or some event occurred, or some legal formality been complied with.”

Now that we understand the legal definitions of these terms we can see what people are asking for. In modern English, when you “apply” you are “begging” for a marriage “license” (or in other words) “permission to do something which would otherwise illegal”, then you must “register” your marriage (in other words) “give the rights (ownership) of the marriage to the King” (or government) then you receive your “certificate” to show that you complied with the legal formality of giving ownership of yourself and your wife to the State.

When you understand the idea behind marriage, it’s clear to see why I started this article by saying “In what can be described as the biggest non-issue we face today”. As sovereign individuals, it is not illegal for us to marry the man/woman we love, we do not require the State or the Church to “give” us permission to create a spiritual union between two people. And why would anyone want to be owned by the State?

On December 21, 2012, Sheree and I were married by shaman and healer William Whitecrow. We didn’t beg permission from the state, we don’t belong to the state and the spiritual union between us greatly transcends the bounds of the three dimensional universe. This is why I could never quite grasp the gay-marriage debate. If two people want to get married, GET MARRIED! What’s more important, uniting with the person you love or a piece of paper making you property of the state?

Marriage should be taken out of the hands of the Church and State and instead identified as what it truly is: The spiritual union between two people. And no one besides those two people have a right to dictate or regulate that.