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AIRED: 10-21-2017

Another amazing show !! This week inside the Eye of Ra, guest was author and abductee Bret Oldham. In the first segment Ra discussed this weeks Heaven and Hell review which was about what the Mayans call a Vision Serpent. Some call this a Spirit Rider,Mind Rider or Spinal spirit rider. This is a serpent type entity that comes from the ancestral realm into this mortal one and first penetrates our etheric bodies and finally our material body and attaches itself to the spine and travels to the back of the brain stem….and displays a technology called “fetching” . Check out the show for the full details. Ra also talks of how this technology has been weaponized and used to astrally abduct and hijack ones consciousness and spirit body. Also how there are ancient spells and incantations that include similar practices in all types of cultures. Than after first break Ra pulls on guest Bret Oldham, you can find Bret’s books like the Children of the Grey at . Bret talks of his abduction in 1988 with his girlfriend who was pregnant at the time and how Grey Aliens both tall and small took the fetus from the womb while he was forced to helplessly watch. Ra and Bret both discuss how these maybe be self replicating drones who can open up portals and can travel interdimensional . Ra wonders if this is some sort of DNA experiment that Bret may have agreed to in a prior incarnation. Bret than tells a chilling recollection of his past encounters and some theories he has on what the meaning of it all is. He tells of the time he met an alien hybrid and how she may have been his daughter. Bret has been on many shows on t.v such as Monsters and Mysteries in America, Ancient Aliens and so much more!!! Tonights show goes super deep as Ra and Bret tell some of there own personal encounters and how it all seems to be happening interdimensional . Ra talks of this humming like bees technology that seems to put people to sleep and how even the Ancients talked of this technology and how the Greys may be using a similar tech. Don’t miss this show so much information was brought to the table and is just as thought provoking as it is horrifying. We’ll see you next week inside the Eye of Ra!!!!!


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