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Jul 13, 2015

Israel, as usual in security cases and almost any sensitive matter, has slapped a gag order on the arrest of three Jewish terror suspects in the case of the arson attack on the historic Church of Loaves and Fishes in the Galilee.  The attack left a substantial portion of the edifice damaged along with degrading anti-Christian graffiti scrawled on the walls of the holy site.

Yinon Reuveni, Hilltop Youth extremist, alleged Jewish terrorist

Yinon Reuveni, Hilltop Youth extremist, alleged Jewish terrorist

The names of the culprits are Yinon Reuveni,Mordechai Gedalia Margalit, Yehuda Yedidia Asraf.  Reuveni has been slapped by the Shin Bet with an administrative restraining order barring him from entering the Territories (possibly why he chose to “branch out” to a target inside Israel proper).  Margalit too received similar treatment from the authorities.

One suspect is from the Israeli town of Ofakim.  At least one other is from a settlement though I haven’t yet identified which one.  Two of them were arrested in Yad Benjamin.  I hope my Israeli readers will spread this gagged news as widely as possibly on social media to begin the process of filleting censorship.


Israel has an entire Shin Bet unit devoted to fighting Jewish terror, yet it took them weeks to arrest the culprits.  Now they will be interrogated.  They might be tried and if justice is lucky (it usually isn’t in such cases) they might spend a week or month in jail.  In the meantime, the Knesset is debating a law that would provide the death penalty in terror attacks.  By “terror” they’re speaking of Arab terror, of course.  Jewish terror is usually unprosecuted.  The only Jewish terror suspect who received a life sentence is Yigal Amir.  And many in high places lobby regularly for his release.  Even those who murder Palestinians get released from prison, and in many instances even pardoned by the President.

While we’re on a roll here exposing Israeli gag orders, let’s blow the cover off another Israeli “secret agent.”  Israeli attorney, Paul Landes, has been until recently the director of a money-laundering unit which traced terror financing.  This was a public position.  Calcalist reported, perhaps inadvertently (here’s the censored version of the story), that Landes is stepping down from this role.  He is moving to a new “secret” job whose particulars may not be reported, according to the media outlet.  Undoubtedly, he will be working for the Shin Bet or Mossad doing precisely the same thing: tracing terror financing by Arab militant groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and others.  Why his job should be secret when similar positions in the U.S. Justice Department (possibly even the CIA) are not is an excellent question.

Undoubtedly, as soon as someone in the intelligence services reads this the Calcalist page will be taken down.  So I’ve saved a screenshot.