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By Luckee

Sep 16, 2016

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Breaking News


The hashtag #GasShortage is trending on twitter for Tennessee. It will soon be trending elsewhere. My brother reported to me a few minutes ago that Gas stations in Greensboro NC are out of gas and those truck stops have only about 7000 Gallons as of 1155pm EST.


The immediate shortage in Tennessee makes more sense when one considers how quickly the price gouging took place even before Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005. Gouging elsewhere is not the problem this time yet as there are mandates prohibiting any price jack of more than 22 cents per gallon.


The map above indicates the affected states’ pipelines. There is no app to find if a gas station or if an exit on a highway or freeway still has gas.


This is quite the timing when we are outside of an election by 51 days. How better to create a constitutional crisis? There is the added factor of the multiple protests about pipeline installations throughout the country, namely the Sioux and Standing Rock protests where all the Native Nations are gathering to stop the DAPL from installing an oil pipeline that will surely poison the land and water. There has already been destruction of sacred sites and burial sites.


I recommend fueling up, people. I am doing so also.

In addition to the above there is this, from ZeroHedge

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