Truth Frequency Radio

Jul 09, 2014

By  Greg Calise
TimeLoopsFrontHiResWe are caught in a time loop. It is a 26,000 year cycle that keeps repeating itself. It is called the procession of the equinox, and it has four ages; the golden age, the silver age, the bronze age and the iron age. We find ourselves at the very end of the iron age, where the energies and consciousness are at their densest points. That is why everything is topsy turvy and we find so much corruption, lack of virtues, disease, wars, poverty and every other form of insanity. Even the spiritual paths and environmental movements have been co-opted by unscrupulous people. It has come a time when you don’t know who you can trust any more. There seems no place to turn. This happens every 26,000 years. We now find ourselves in the darkest of times, with all of our material and spiritual crutches collapsing under the weight of the density. We are on a collision course with destruction.article-1365824-0397CB87000005DC-219_634x403

Geological and ice core samples have shown that there are global destructions approximately every 13,000 years, which pretty much wipes out a lot of species, including humans. The last devastation was the sinking of Atlantis. That was the end of the silver age. But it wasn’t only Atlantis that collapsed, but all of the civilized world. The seas rose 440 feet in a very short time. Whether that was from the ice melting from the last ice age, or other causes, the world was pretty much devastated. And here we are again at the next juncture point. Will humanity be able to break free of the time loop, or will it happen all over again?


The movie “Groundhog Day” was a great metaphor of our dilemma. Bill Murray was a very troubled, negative person who was also very angry deep inside. He kept waking up every morning to Groundhog Day, and he couldn’t get out of the time loop. In the beginning he lashed out and was quite belligerent. That went on for some time. Then he tried to kill himself, and that didn’t work. It was only after some time that he finally decided to be a nice person instead. I suppose he became so tired of himself being nasty, and how nothing was going to change from having that negative attitude. So he spent his time actually being nice to the people that he previously scorned. Eventually he was able to break free of the time loop. Notice that it was only a complete change of consciousness that allowed him to break free. Nothing that he could do externally could have freed him. Only when he surrendered to his predicament and looked within himself, was he able to change. Although the movie didn’t explain this, I believe he had to do some deep introspection, whence he came to the conclusion that he was a real jerk. Through soul searching, he became a new man. It was an internal change of consciousness.


Another great metaphor of humankind’s dilemma was the Star Trek, The Next Generation episode called “Cause and Effect.” The Enterprise was caught in a time loop where it would collide with another ship and explode. The next scene you see the crew members of the bridge playing poker. Certain scenarios then happen and they are called to the bridge because they are on a collision course to collide with another ship again. They follow Star Fleet protocol, and they collide and explode. Then again we are at the poker game. But as this time loop progresses, some crew members start getting deja vu. After a few collisions, they get more deja vu until they put the pieces together. They had to program Data to remember everything so they would follow the proper procedure to not collide. So eventually Data has figured out that they cannot follow Star Fleet protocol, but to do the opposite. Although some of the crew objected, Data takes over the show and saves them, breaking free of the time loop. Now in this metaphor, the only way to break free of the time loop was to not do what they were programmed to do, but instead to do something novel, something that really didn’t fit into their learned abilities and mindset. To do something in defiance of the authoritarian laws.

Both of these metaphors can help us in our present dilemma. We are about to collide with destiny and it seems that everyone has some solution. But notice almost all of the solutions being flung about are all focused on changing the external circumstances. Bill Murray showed how that can never work. We have so called solutions for the financial fiasco, social degradation, free energy, cleaning the environment, bringing down the corrupt governments, manifesting the global village, building underground complexes, saving food, seeds, guns, etc. I am sure that all of these have been tried in the past at each of the junctures of devastations. They obviously didn’t work. They are all conditioned programmed responses.


We need to use a completely different mindset. Instead of trying to manipulate the external circumstances, what would happen if we changed our internal consciousness? If the external world is a reflection of The Collective Human Consciousness, then only by changing our consciousness can we have any effect in changing the external world. This is the only solution, as I have described in many posts. This is what Groundhog Day was trying to reveal. That only by changing our consciousness can we get out of the reoccurring cycles, not only on a cosmic scale, but also on a personal level.

In our personal lives we seem to be perpetually repeating cycles until we learn the lessons. It takes a novel shift in consciousness to break the repeating cycles in our lives. As in Star Trek, we have to break free from the conditioned and programmed responses and mindsets that run our lives. Only until we break out of the box and defy authority and the social dictates can we change our course in time and space.

So here we are, in present time about to collide with the destruction of the civilized world as we know it. To complicate matters, it seems that the energy is getting denser exponentially. I often wonder how much worse it can get before we either shift or hit the proverbial brick wall. From where I stand, I see every material, religious and spiritual crutch collapsing. As I said earlier, it is becoming very difficult to know who to belief or trust. Corruption and deceit are at every level. You think that you can trust some religious or political figure, only to find him exposed for his corruption. So instead of running from one collapsing crutch to another, perhaps it is time to let go of these conditioned responses and broken mindsets and try a novel approach. Perhaps it is time to let all of it go, to strike on a different path; a path that does not depend upon any person, belief or system of action. A path of true independence, of integrity, freedom and individuality. A path that is not dictated to you. A path of novelty. This seems to be the only way to break free of the time loop we find ourselves in.


Now the question arises, “Will humanity as a whole ever break free of the time loop, or is it just certain individuals that awaken each time around?” Perhaps these cycles are perpetual. They just keep repeating, and we as individuals get on the ride for a time until we learn the lesson and are allowed to get off. Kind of like a merry-go-round or ferris wheel at the carnival. They just keep going round and round, and we get on and off, but the machine just keeps going round and round. Perhaps humanity never gets it. Perhaps humanity is just a ride that we enter and exit as we ourselves progress individually. Perhaps humanity is stuck in this time loop perpetually. And that is the purpose of humanity; just one ride in the cosmic carnival.


If that is the case, then it is up to us individually to break free from the time loop. Perhaps Shantideva was correct when he said, “We are not here to change the world. The world is here to change us.” The world will do what it does. We cannot change it. Perhaps the universe may use you as an instrument to create change in the world. But it is not you that creates the change. You are only an instrument of a higher purpose that uses you, just like a carpenter uses a saw to cut wood. It is the carpenter that cuts the wood. The saw could not have done it unless the carpenter used it. So perhaps that is the scenario, that it is up to each of us individually to break free from this cyclical carnival ride.

Or perhaps humanity will eventually awaken and move on to a higher purpose. Then some other species will fill in the void left by humanity. Perhaps this is how species evolve. If that is the case, then the human collective consciousness would have to awaken. Somehow I don’t see that happening. The majority of people still seem to be asleep, dreaming in the matrix. What will it take to awaken those who do not want to awaken? It would have to be something very traumatic. Perhaps then humanity will come to its senses. Otherwise they will have to wait until the next cycle, when they get another chance.

We see that in the movie, The Matrix, that there seemed to be a cycle that was continuing. They allowed Zion to flourish, and then they would destroy it, and then do it all over again. Neo was the sixth anomaly, which meant that Zion was destroyed 5 times. This was all a play between the Architect and the Oracle, the play between Yin and Yang, order and chaos. This is another metaphor describing our dilemma being caught in these cycles.

Now let’s look at the metaphor of life. We wake up each morning, have our coffee, go to work and do the same work every day. Then we come home, have dinner, watch TV and go to sleep. Sleep is a mini devastation. We are caught in a type of time loop. And each day is a little different, where we are presented with various lessons. If we ignore the lessons, they just keep repeating themselves until we learn them. This is another type of time loop. And eventually, as we get older, if we played our cards right, we become a bit wiser. We still go through day and night, waking and sleeping. That is one loop we are presented with constantly. Then there are the cycles of the seasons. Life presents us with cycles within cycles within cycles. We move from one opposite to the other in this merry-go-round of life. So eventually we get to a point where we die; another more major devastation. And then we do it all over again. We take birth and go through our lessons again; perhaps new ones if we learned the ones in the previous life. We do this for quite some time until we get to the point of learning all of the lessons we can in the human species. Then we graduate to another form of cycles of learning. That is how this universe is constructed; cycles of opposites within cycles within cycles.


So perhaps humanity finally breaks free from this perpetual cycle. In the meantime, we should be focusing on our own individual consciousness to break free from our own personal dilemma. I prefer to listen to Shantideva in this regard. I’m not here to change the world. And let’s be honest. The only way to have any positive effect to change the world is by changing ourselves internally.

It’s time to wake up.