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Jan 20, 2014

massacre-kiev-mercenaries-ukraine-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationChristopher Everard
TRUTH MOVEMENT WAR ON THE STREETS: The BBC lie and say that the police in the Ukraine are firing ‘Plastic Bullets’. They are not ‘plastic’ bullets – they are REAL BULLETS. Why are the Gestapo opening fire on their own neighbours? Because these ‘police’ are not police at all. They are SOLDIERS. And many don’t even live in the Ukraine – they have been shipped in from Russia…This is not a battle between the PEOPLE and a corrupt Ukrainian President. No, no. This is a battle between the down-trodden PEOPLE and the KREMLIN.PUTIN is a former SPY and KGB agent.

When Kiev falls, Ukraine shall fall. When Ukraine falls, Putin’s Russia shall fall.

Tonight there is WAR.

No one else here on Facebook who claims to be providing ‘TRUTH’ is reporting this essential battle for FREEDOM.

I ask everyone now – for those who are protecting their very lives with lumps of concrete and cobblestones and are pitched against PSYCHOPATHS who are firing TEAR GAS and SMOKE BOMBS – I ask everyone now – please LIGHT A CANDLE and PRAY for the PEOPLE.

We need it.

And for all you DAVID ICKE fans who are messaging me saying that ‘nothing is real, and its all created by our minds and that reality does not exist’ all I can say is this: YOU HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD A LIE. A PLASTIC BULLET isn’t made of ‘plastic’ when it hits your arm, your leg or chest it leaves a painful BRUISE which lasts for months on end – and if it hits your head you will DIE.

Now – you’re all only HALF AWAKE – hear me now – either GET INVOLVED in fighting the NEW WORLD ORDER or go back to sheep.

I am too God Damn busy reporting the REALITY of the situation to answer all you morons who are messaging me. You’ve all been duped. Now get over it and start HELPING. The first thing you can all do is SHARE this post and tell your friends that one of the world’s SUPERPOWERS – yes, I mean, RUSSIA, is being over-turned by the PEOPLE and that this is one of the greatest and most important STREET BATTLES for democracy that there has ever been.