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Apr 18, 2013

563840_149076315265129_558390967_n20MITweb2-blog480By Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

A police officer has been shot and killed while responding to a disturbance call and text messages are alerting students to the situation. Multiple gunshots have been reported, and it is unclear at this point how many people have been wounded. The incident was reported near the Ray and Maria Stata Center, also known as Building 32.

Update: “Responding agencies are actively investigating the situation, which remains very fluid at this time. Police continue to sweep the campus. Stay indoors and remain inside until further notice,” the university said on their website at 12:21 a.m.

Australian newspaper The Age is claiming explosions in addition to the gunfire, but this has not been confirmed yet by K-TFRN staff.

Adding to the potentiality of a false flag incident going on is the fact that just one month ago, text messages were sent out to all the students claiming that a “man with a long rifle” was on campus shooting at people, only to be later revealed to be a “hoax”. Some students, thinking another hoax is in the making, may have disregarded the emergency text message and were wounded as a result.

Video from February 23, 2013:

Once again, this is a rapidly-evolving situation, but K-TFRN will be up late tonight to cover any details we can find about this new event in Massachusetts.

From the Boston Herald:

Police shouting warnings about “unexploded ordinance” and later shouted that one suspect was in custody and another was still at large.

According to MIT:

Friday, April 19, 2013 1:56 AM

MIT Police have determined that the suspect in this evening’s shooting is no longer on campus. It is now safe to resume normal activities. Please remain vigilant in the coming hours.