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Jun 21, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

brazil-2-170957492_620x350We could all learn a good lesson from the Brazilians at the moment: Over a million of them have poured into streets in Rio de Janeiro this week, protesting government corruption. The President of Brazil has called an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss what should be done with the “riff raff”. According to a protestor speaking to the AP:

“I was leaving a peaceful protest and it’s not the thugs that attack me but the police themselves,” said Menezes, removing her wire-rim glasses to wipe her bloodshot eyes.
She later took refuge in a hotel along with about two dozen youths, families and others said they had been repeatedly hit with pepper spray by motorcycle police as they too took refuge inside a bar.
65-1cGamn.St.55Despite the crackdown, protesters said they would not back down.
“I saw some pretty scary things, but they’re not going to shake me. There’s another march on the 22nd and I’m going to be there,” said 19-year-old university student Fernanda Szuster.
Asked whether her parents knew that she was taking part in the protests, Szuster said that “they know and they’re proud. They also protested when they were young. So they think it’s great.”
She added, though, that she wouldn’t tell her father the details of the police violence she was a victim of. “If he knew, he would never let me leave the house again.”

Although the initial protest was over simple price hikes on public transportation, it has since grown into a “a wider call for an end to government corruption… fueled by resentment over the $15 billion cost of hosting the Confederations Cup and the World Cup.” The placards stressed their other concerns:

“Stop corruption. Change Brazil;” “Halt evictions;” “Come to the street. It’s the only place we don’t pay taxes; “Government failure to understand education will lead to revolution.”

cD1hMWQzNjMzZjJkNWM5Y2U3ZWZiOGQ2OWU5NTQ4YTVjZiZnPThmYjgyMDU3NTZlZmE5MmExZGQwMzIxNThkNTZmYTAxJust as in previous years, the country hosting sporting events has gone all-out financially to pay for them. But it doesn’t stop there ; It also uses the event as an excuse to bump up the police state, with millions of dollars being spent on “security services” and “riot gear”. In Brazil’s case, their anger is totally founded: They’ve gotten most of their equipment from Israel, who has also been a “big help” in “securing” London, cities in the U.S., and other middle eastern countries whose leaders are zionist-controlled.

Brazil-Indians-Protest-Copy-300x168These protests are nothing new for the indigenous peoples of Brazil: Even back in April, they were literally fighting for their lives against the authorities, even causing so much of a ruckus that “Operation Tapajós” – a distinct state-sponsored war of aggression against the indigenous peoples of Brazil – had to be suspended.

A protestor and artist, Wanderlei Costa, summed it up best:

‘‘This was meant to be a peaceful demonstration and it is,’… ‘‘It’s a shame some people cause trouble when there is a much bigger message behind this movement. Brazil needs to change, not only on the government level, but also on the grass roots level. We have to learn to demonstrate without violence.’’


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