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Jul 16, 2013

Activist Post

We have spoken to Nathan Fuller at who has given us gracious permission to reprint his daily firsthand reports, which you can find below highlighted by date. Summaries, commentary, and videos provide a comprehensive chronicle of events from start to finish.


The defense has finished calling witnesses, and Bradley Manning will not testify. Their focus has moved toward dismissing the charges against him. The first charge is that of computer fraud, with the distinction being made between use and access. That legal distinction is recounted below.

The second charge is the most serious: aiding the enemy. The defense has moved to dismiss based on the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that Manning was using WikiLeaks as an intentional conduit to al Qaeda. The defense recounted the circumstantial evidence that has been offered, but nothing close to tangible proof that Manning was anything but negligent, perhaps. The defense is arguing that the government is attempting to draw a link between giving information to the press and directly aiding enemies of the United States. If such a conclusion is permitted, it will greatly impact the public’s right to learn of the findings of investigative reporters and whistleblowers. The government even stated that they would have charged Manning the same way if WikiLeaks had instead been the New York Times. This is something we should keep in mind as the Edward Snowden/NSA spying story moves forward, as documented by The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald.

Judge Lind is expected to rule on these two charges in Thursday’s session, when the government’s rebuttal case will begin. The full court report from Day 18 can be read below.