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AIRED: 03-24-2021

Because the masses are complacent with being lied to, the false flags are often sloppy, and this latest Boulder, CO shooting might just take the cake for sloppiest of all-time.
In addition to that, Rambo school’s us on Jupiter and the trans agenda, in relation to Ellen-Elliot Page. Plus, as always, we have many great callers!


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Many great things happen in this episode, but above all, is Rambo’s work on the connections between the recent ritual with the Evergreen being stuck in the Suez Canal, and the evergreen tree air freshener that Daunte Wright was supposedly pulled over for. As you’ll again be reminded, it is the Jesuit Order, worldwide, pulling...

AIRED: 04-14-2021

Why are Joe Biden’s gun control actions coming April 8, 2021, 139 days after his birthday? Tune in and find out why, plus a lot more! It’s another information packed episode you don’t want to miss out on. ...

AIRED: 04-07-2021

It’s another information packed episode where we cover everything from the theme of Asian hate crimes to the Suez Canal blockage. You don’t want to miss it! ...

AIRED: 03-31-2021

In this episode we cover March Madness, the ATL spa killings, the $100 million reparations payment by the Jesuit Order and the explosion in Ontario, California, in light of other recent explosions. On top of that we take a call from an industry insider who has seen a thing or two when it comes to...

AIRED: 03-17-2021

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AIRED: 03-10-2021

In this broadcast we discuss the latest from Puppet Trump who told the American sheeple to go out and get the vaccine while farting from his mouth at CPAC. In addition to that we cover all the March 3 headlines, including the Simpsons getting the green light for a 33rd season on the specific date,...

AIRED: 03-03-2021