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Apr 17, 2013

Chris and Sheree Geo, Brap Allgood

Truth Frequency Radio

Update: the “man in blue” has come forward in the most usual fashion for people of his genre: Facebook:

E6VA73uRumors are circulating that the suspects of the Boston Marathon Bombing have been identified by independent researchers and investigators.

IXx2auJhAs you can tell from these photos, two individuals appear to be watching the marathon like everyone else, except they seem slightly out of place with bulging, sagging, BLUE bags. Also, when overlayed with the photo from ground zero, you can clearly see the possibility of these two having some kind of involvement, especially considering that neither has apparently sought emergency treatment for injuries sustained by pretty much everyone else in that general area. Combine that with the confetti-like spatterings of blue across the pavement at ground zero, and you can see why that blue bag is so suspect.



If these two are indeed the bombers, they appear to be Semitic, either of Israeli or Arab descent.



WXY2cFjStay tuned for more details. This could get pretty interesting, especially if this means there was some MOSSAD or Saudi involvement, like on 9/11. Only difference is, these Israelis (if that’s indeed what they are) don’t appear to be dancing. Maybe they’re taking their jobs more seriously now that people like us are around.