AIRED: 07-14-2019

Today’s courageous guest, Alex Marentes heads a team of bloggers and Mexican journalists committed to exposing the gritty, savage workings of the Mexican Drug Cartels running the U.S. Border. Who’s in, who’s out, who’s got killed in gruesome murders Borderland Beat exposes the “real” world of the Drug Cartels. Marentes is a former Marine and 30 year veteran of the Albuquerque Police Department. A priceless trove of fact-based activity on the Drug Cartels, Borderland Beat is waking up America, Proving it’s a dangerous business, at least one of Borderland Beat’s journalists was kidnapped and killed by the Sinalaoa Drug Cartels. Borderland Beat speaks to the courage, tenacity and perseverance of Mexico’s Federales and Military fighting the Cartels, and also exposes the extensive corruption gripping Mexico’s politicians. He’s got a new book by the same name, BORDERLAND BEAT. It’s must reading for every law enforcement officer and citizen worried over the Open Borders Debate. A great interview!


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