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AIRED: 01-17-2019

Pete covers the “war of wills” that’s beginning to heat up between President Donald Trump and Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi.
President Trump flexed some muscle this afternoon canceling a flight that should have taken the speaker overseas.


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This is a must-hear episode! Pete Santilli fills this two hour episode with updates on the Roger Stone hearing, Jussie Smollett hate hoax, and also busts to lid off Youtube’s financial support of pedophile networks on their platform. Pete tackles an issue that rarely if ever gets attention in the mainstream where pedophiles create covert...

AIRED: 02-21-2019

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AIRED: 02-20-2019

Pete Santilli covers the story of the embattled Roger Stone who is being forced back into the courtroom to face Judge Amy Berman Jackson after posting a photo of her from a website that the press alleges contained a crosshair. The Judge is considering revoking his bail and sending him to jail for the duration...

AIRED: 02-19-2019

Pete speaks with special guest former Sheriff Richard Mack who explains the action being taken taken by Constitutional Sheriffs across the Nation who are creating “sanctuary Counties” marked safe for gunners from the Federal Government. ...

AIRED: 02-18-2019

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AIRED: 02-15-2019

Today On This Episode Of The Pete Santilli Show Pete covers the shock filled response from both the left and the Right after former Assistant FBI Director admits openly that there was indeed a meeting where a Coup D’ Etat was seriously considered. The admission also included information that Assist Rod Rosenstein was at the...

AIRED: 02-14-2019