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AIRED: 08-15-2020

Tonight was really an amazing 2 hours of radio. In the first segment Ra Castaldo discusses his prophetic visions about a time when darkness will fall on the Earth and Feline humanoid beings will return and use a harmonic sound type technology to bring humanity to a higher vibration ! How he has been receiving dream visits and messages from these Star beings, similar to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet since he was a young child. Also how he may have rediscovered and ancient healing chamber of Sekhmet right in New york!!! See the picture above!! Than Mr. Gary Wayne joins the discussion for the rest of the show to break down the history of these lion type giant being and other Rephaim from Ancient writings including the bible. Also discussed is various Gnostic / Hebrew/ and Ugaritic writings that have surfaced over the last few years that specifically discuss the Giants . One of these books is the Book of Lamech of Cain, Ra and Gary analyze and discuss the legitimacy and details of this book, do not miss this amazing show !!!


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