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May 29, 2013

by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

A blogger at has posted an article about possible blood packets being used at the Woolwich Attack site when police allegedly shot the two “terrorists”. This was, according to the official story, after they had waited 20 minutes for the police to show up so they could meet their 72 virgins.

woolwichfraud-0-625x237The first thing we thought about when we saw the police officers immediately run to the squad car and get out a black bag was that this was a medical assistance bag, to be used to provide medical attention to the attackers until the ambulance and helicopter arrived. This fits the official story very well, however, which is why we never trusted it. Since when do police officers do EMT work on the side?

Usually, they’ll shoot, then handcuff the suspect (bleeding to death or not), and maybe hold pressure on a wound or something until the ambulance gets there, not immediately cater to them like they’re all of a sudden interested in their well-being. Even retarded people are sat on by police and suffocated to death in the “normal world”, so why tend to them so quickly, and for so few apparent wounds?

The photos below just add to our own suspicions we’ve been ostracized so much for lately, and bravo to the blogger for his studiousness in studying these bags further.

Removing the first two layers of clothing.

Removing the first two layers of clothing.


In this picture, you see the police officer cutting off the attacker’s clothing. The first anomaly is that the police officer, who supposedly is providing medical assistance to an individual with bodily fluids coming out of him, is not wearing gloves, which are sitting right next to him in the bag. In 100% of emergent situations in every single part of the world (including Africa), gloves are absolutely required and absolutely the first thing he would do whether the attacker was openly bleeding or not.

The second anomaly is that the scissors are being held at a very strange angle, as if there’s something under the clothing that’s trying to be concealed while at the same time, looking like it’s not. Another anomaly is the suspect’s hands. The right hand, if he were truly unconscious or close to being unconscious from blood loss, would not be holding his arm up in that manner for any reason. In the videos released by the mainstream media, his right arm is shown, then later blurred for some reason. His left hand is conveniently lying on his stomach, also as if to conceal a velcro bulletproof vest under the final shirt of the three layers of clothing he’s wearing.


bukoblodThis picture is probably the most telling of all, since the objects the arrows are pointing to do seem to look like blood packets, which are commonly used by law enforcement agencies during training drills and exercises to simulate wounds. However, a smear of blood on the lower right of the picture, as well as the attacker’s right thumb being blurred out by The Sun in this video at this point seems to dissuage the “blood packet theory”, because there does seem to be blood present.

The anomaly with that hypothesis, however, is the startling lack of blood evident at that particular time ; We’ve seen more blood after lesbian bar fights than what’s on the ground. Also, the suspect, whose face shows no contortions of pain, seems to be “playing dead”, so to speak, because were he unconscious at that point, his arm would immediately drop to the ground next to him.

Meanwhile, while officer #1 breaks the first public health law known to man and proceeds to have a hell of a time cutting the attacker’s shirt(s) off, officer #2 is tearing open the pants, where there seems to already be a small tear on the left one (possibly due to the “fall” he took).


As you can see, the media has at this point blurred out the attacker’s right arm entirely, and this picture is noteworthy simply because the two officers seem to be working in tandem doing something, but it’s not clear exactly what….it just involves scissors, that’s all we see. The rest of the photos are pretty compelling to show how the officers are simply fidgeting with things (and possibly planting the fake blood) before the ambulance and helicopter around the corner are ready to move in for the next “scene”.



She’s at least wearing gloves, but no, that’s not blood next to him, that’s the red pavement lines on the road.

We will continue to analyze this new information, and will report on it this weekend on Truth Frequency, so don’t miss it!

(a special “Thank you” to one of our listeners, Mal Ryan, for alerting us to this article.)

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