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Dec 12, 2014

cdn2-b.examiner.com_2014-12-12_03-41-52Tom Rose, Examiner

A scary looking, black orb UFO, caught on video flying above the Statue of Liberty on Dec. 10, has most YouTubers claiming it’s nothing more than a balloon. Until it stops dead in mid-air directly above the iconic landmark. Another explanation has the unidentified flying object as a surveillance drone. If so, it’s of a type never seen before and one that could be extremely dangerous to aircraft flying in the busy skies over New York harbor.

The video was taken by an unidentified woman, most likely a visitor, who pointed out the odd, black, pulsating orb to a friend standing nearby. Both women were equally puzzled by the strange, circular craft, flying over Liberty Island, directly above the familiar face and spiky crown of the world-famous statue, and caught at a dramatic (and rather spooky) angle in the viewfinder of the mobile phone video camera. That’s when it starts to get really weird.

The UFO, which shows no markings, navigational lights, wings or engine exhaust, stops dead in the air for a moment, proving it cannot be a mere balloon. If the black orb is a surveillance drone, it may be of a type that has lately been spooking aircraft pilots in heavily populated metro areas, usually near busy airports, all around the world recently.

In the latest incident, aviation officials in the UK announced an investigation into a near-miss collision between a drone and a passenger jet landing at Heathrow airport in July. But, no city is safe, it seems, when it comes to the explosion of drones flying near major airports, as the technology gets into the hands of the average tech enthusiast. So far, very few regulations govern the use of drones near airports, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Of course, there’s always the possibility this was a real UFO sighting. Silver orb spaceships are the latest trend, along with triangular aircraft performing amazing aeronautical feats. So far, this UFO sighting seems to be the first incident catching a pulsating black orb UFO on video.

What do you think? Have a look at the video above and leave a comment below. Is this a surveillance drone? A weather balloon? Or, is this a new kind of UFO buzzing the skies above Earth?