Truth Frequency Radio
Sep 03, 2014

(Before It’s News)

The mysterious black-eyed children of mythical lore are back in the news again as shared in the videos below. Who are these children that often appear on ones doorstep without warning? Often called demons and even the children of Satan, websites such as Snopes have attempted to debunk their existence, only to see the legend come back stronger than ever as each new ‘black-eyed kid sighting’ adds to the saga. Called the most terrifying creatures of 2013, ‘black-eyed kids’ have gone viral across America.

It’s a pretty good bet that no creature terrified people more in 2013 than the Black Eyed Kids, and with good reason. Encounters with the spooky children have grown from a creepy tale whispered about on internet message boards to major plot points in Hollywood films, begging the question – are the BEK’s the new Bigfoot? While that remains to be seen, the stories of personal run-ins with the Black Eyed Kids keep racking up in our inbox.. and our nightmares.