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AIRED: 04-11-2019

Tonight I’m blessed to share fellowship with two of my most favorite people, Bishop Guide and translator Todor Yotov. Both join me to share an update on the soon coming May release of the English translations of the ancient Thracian Chronicles. In 2006, Dr. Stephen Guide and his brother Bishop Tsevatan, released the first of what came to be a four-part book series on and called The Thracian Script Decoded I-IV.

These books shared the story of how they were able to successfully decode the most ancient pictographic language in the world, the thracian Script which we now know was the forerunner for the Ancient Hieroglyphic system. Predating the Sumerian cuneiform and ancient Egyptian pictographic languages by 2000 years, the Thracian peoples were as confirmed now, believers in Christ and had forecasted in their writings; revelation that He, as the Son of God, would be born of a virgin, of the tribe of Judah, and as the Passover lamb that He would be crucified, die, and resurrected. In order to redeem the fall of humanity and bring liberty to the captives. This knowledge verifies that the biblical narrative was not plagiarized from the pagan Sumerian traditions but in fact that the reverse is true, and the pagan traditions were actually stolen and counterfeited from the ancient Thracian Christian traditions.


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