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AIRED: 07-21-2021

Have you ever heard Happy Birthday sung in Arabic? All that and a lot more is packed into this episode, which features another brilliant decode by Rambo and many others!
Tune in and listen long.


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In this episode, we draw a straight line from Tyre Nichols, to George Floyd, to September 11, 2001, to Solomon’s Temple. It’s essential knowledge to know. Enjoy. ...

AIRED: 02-01-2023

Did you miss Robert Luna present the Lunar New Year killings? And then what happened in Half Moon Bay on a Monday moon day? Or how about the Yakima PD standoff on “Almost Alamo” Street? Let’s wake America up to the mockery! It’s time to get hopping! ...

AIRED: 01-25-2023

It’s time to get up, stand up for our rights! And RPM Tre reminds us of that to lead off the show. From there, Rambo breaks down the German aquarium destruction ritual. And then we cover everything from the NFL Playoffs to flat earth belief fallacies. ...

AIRED: 01-18-2023

From the coming financial collapse, to Damar Hamlin, the collapsed Bill, to Hiram Abiff and the Masons, it’s all in this episode. ...

AIRED: 01-11-2023

Did you get the joke of Pope Benedict dying at 95 on the last day of the Gregorian year? Or Damar Hamlin’s collapse on the field this past Monday Night Football? Or Kevin McCarthy coming up short with just 201 votes? Or any of the other major league mockery from the Jesuit Order that controls...

AIRED: 01-04-2023

Is it an accident we hear about Pope Benedict being on his deathbed 11-days after Pope Francis’s 86th birthday, the first Jesuit Pope? And what about him being 95-years-old and from Germany in light of Martin Luther and the 95 Theses? ...

AIRED: 12-28-2022