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Nov 08, 2013


HALO-operations-center-denver-police-department-public-schools-camera-system-live-feed-truth-frequency-radio-chris-geo-sheree-geo-alternative-media-news-informationDenver Public School cameras watch over students

Denver Police can tap into live feed in emergency

Jaclyn Allen, The Denver Channel

DENVER – Inside a small room in Northeast Denver, there is a dispatch center that looks like it’s set up for a small city.

But all the screens aren’t for any police department — they’re for Denver Public Schools.

“We have 24-7, 365-day a year coverage in here,” said Michael Eaton, Chief of Safety and Security for Denver Public Schools.

The District has about 2,500 cameras watching over students 24-7.

“Our video surveillance cameras across the district are available to our dispatchers,” said Eaton. “They can pull up any camera at any time/and share that video in the event we need to.”

This week, that event happened.  Two apparent gunmen were seen breaking into Noel Community Arts School late Tuesday night.

Denver Police, from the HALO operations center, tapped into Denver Public School camera for real-time video inside the school and followed their every move.

“Through the employees that worked in the school and the cameras that we have, we were able to determine exactly what had happened,” said Robert White, Denver Police Chief.

Eaton said it was a test of their cameras and their collaboration with DPD. If more critical situation arises, they will be ready.

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